Best 7 Photo-shooting Services in Tokyo | Professional Shooting【プロの撮影】

Although there are a lot of needs to take a professional photography in Japan, only a few of Japanese services are available
due to the language barrier.

However, when it comes to ask for professional shooting in Japan, you may find more options if you do not hesitate to
find local services.

In this article, we will compare the best 7 photo-shooting services available in Tokyo. 

If you are interested to any of the services below, please feel free to contact them.

1. Professional Shooting(プロの撮影)

Professional Shooting(プロの撮影) will send its cameraman to anywhere in Japan, from Hookaido to Okinawa. All of its cameraman are well-experienced in their fields, such as pre-wedding, wedding, event, music, and so on. The company is accepting more than 1,000 photo-shoot inquiries solely in Japan. Now, it’s a time to deliver its convenient service for travelers.

【Plans】Photo-shooting and Video-shooting for B2B and B2C. Accepting different shooting situations.

【Service Flow】Inquiries: from website, e-mail, or phone-call. Deliver: within 60 days in the form of data or media such as DVD or BD.

【Service Area】Anywhere in Japan

For your inquiries(available 24/7) 0120-938-713


2. Miho IIMURA

Miho IIMURA is an individual photo-shooting service ran by the bilingual photographer herself. Plans are highly designed for travelers for example, Kimono, Family, proposal, and so on. As seen on the website, Miho thinks photo-shooting is about collaboration and fun. If you look for an experienced bilingual photographer, this is the one for you.

【Plans】Photo Session in Tokyo, Photo Sessinon with Kimono, Photo Tour around Tokyo, QUotes for personalized Photo Session, Other

【Service Flow】Inquiries: from website or Yelp.

【Service Area】Within Tokyo

For your inquiries:

3. Nanairo Studio

Nanairo Studio is located near from Asakusa station in Tokyo. The studio is capturing a lot of travelers for its “oiran” photography that people enjoy taking photo wearing gorgeous kimono. Other than oiran plan, you will be able to choose from variety of plans such as Ooku, Maiko, Geisha, and Samurai. Plan prices are also reasonable considering the plan contents. If you look for a gorgeous kimono style, send an inquiry in English.

【Plans】Ooku, Maiko, Geisha, Samurai

【Service Flow】Inquiries: from website or phone call. Reservation is available “3 days before the use day”.

【Service Area】at Asakusa studio

For your inquiries:

4. kimono kawaii company

kimono kawaii company is where you can burrow kimono and enjoy shooting your kimono style. The company is located in Dogenzaka, Shibuya, located a 8 minute walk from Shibuya station. Each plans are available within 10,000JPY. If you have a desire to walk around shibuya in yukata and kimono, you’d better visiting its website and probably see booking schedule.

【Plans】Basic plan, Basic plan group, Kawaii plan, Kawaii plan group, Photo plan, Photo plan Meiji.

【Service Flow】Inquiries: from website or phone call.  See  booking schedule on website.

【Service Area】basically in Shibuya

For your inquiries:

5. Andrew Faulk Photography

Andrew Faulk Photography is located in Tokyo. This is a photography agency ran by Andrew Faulk from Tennessee.  What is different from Miho IIMURA  is that he is willing to go anywhere worldwide,  easily  anywhere in Japan.  His clients are exceptional. If you look for a decent photography service,  you may want to discuss how you want to take your pictures.

【Plans】portrait, editorial, pre-wedding, event, commercial photography assignments

【Service Flow】mobile, email, or from  contact form on website

【Service Area】worldwide

For more inquiries :

6. Samurai Armour Photo Studio

Have you ever thought you need samurai armor? This is your service that you can wear kacchu armor and enjoy photo-shooting in studio or around Shibuya. If you just want to look and try the Kacchu on, you can visit the studio located in Shibuya.

【Plans】Studio-Shooting Course, Street Shooting Course

【Service Flow】check the reservation schedule. service stuff will get you back withinn 24 hours.

【Service Area】Shibuya

For more information:

7. Studio Crown

Are you a potential cosplayer? If you aren’t, you can still try some costumes and take very professional cosplay photography here. Studio Crown is located in Akihabara. Here you can rent a full set of cosplay, nice Japanese cosplayer to help you with your makeup and taking pictures, Maybe you want to walk around Akihabara wearing your costume, that is also included in the plan.

【Plans】Basic Course, Easy Anime Costume,  Perfect Anime Costume, Basic & Tour Course

【Service Flow】submit reservation form online. just go to the studio on the service day.

【Service Area】Akihabara

For further inquiries:


Choose based on what you need

There are more than 7 photo-shooting services in Tokyo.
I didn’t discuss using matching services. However, now using these services are getting very common in Japan.
However, in any case, you’d better define your need and ask for taking photography.